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Saturn is known as the Karmic planet. The signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by this Karmic planet. The gem of Saturn is the Natural Blue Sapphire and the metal is Silver and sometimes gold. The day of Saturn is Saturday.

Gleaming in violet, amethyst represents Saturn. It has the power to provide relief from physical ailments. The stone exudes positive energy, and it soothes the mind of the wearer, bringing in peace of mind. Thus, amethyst is ideal for meditation, and it helps accomplish spiritual goodness in life. This gemstone dispels all sorts of negative energies and protects the wearer from hazards.

The gemstone of Planet Venus, aquamarine is pale blue in colour. The healing properties of aquamarine shield the wearer from a range of ailments including throat and digestive system related diseases. The positive energy emanated from the stone can soothe a frayed mind and comfort a broken heart. This gemstone, a remedy for insomnia, ensures a better sleep at night.

The whimsical charm of chrysoberyl cat’s eye, is believed to have a power to ward off the evil influences of Ketu and ailments caused due to the influences of Mars. The ones who wear cat’s eye stones are protected from unknown foes and negativity in life. The stone that dazzles in milky white, is also considered as the flag bearer of good fortune and thus, it is fancied by businessmen in diverse fields.

Charmed with the power of Jupiter, citrine is widely known for its energising powers. The stone is transparent, ranging from pale yellow to honey gold. The wearer of citrine attracts wealth, success and prosperity. It ensures physical wellbeing by shielding the wearer against kidney and bladder infections, thyroid imbalances and diabetes. Citrine also enhances self-confidence of the wearer and strengthen his intellectual powers.

Shining in brilliant red, coral enhances the wearer’s decision making ability and ambitiousness. It also brings protection against diseases of the blood circulation system and promotes good health. The stone shields the wearer from diseases such as cough and fever caused by Mars. Coral heralds material happiness doing magic in life.

The gem of shadow planet Rahu, garnet possesses healing properties. It can be worn as an amulet that shields the wearer from diseases caused by Rahu and Saturn. The stone also has the ability to dispel malefic influences of Rahu that keep you from your full potential and help achieving success within a short span of time. Emanating shades of deep red amidst amber hues, this gem stone ensures the presence of luck and good health.

The gem of planet Mercury, this gemstone dazzles in bright green. Green sapphire has the ability to instill calmness and positivity, promoting spiritual wellbeing. The gemstone  improves the wearer’s self-confidence, concentration, and overall mental health. The stone is also a remedy for various physical ailments as well. A symbol of power and strength, green sapphire ushers in good fortune. This stone also stimulates one’s heart chakra.

Emerald as well as green tourmaline not only avert malefic planetary influences but also have the ability to enhance intelligence and brain power. Thus, the gemstone boosts the wearer’s thinking ability, memory, intuition, learning ability as well as communication. However, newly married couples should refrain from wearing this stone as it is believed to promote sexual dysfunction, most commonly low desire.

This gemstone is worn to ward off evils caused by Saturn and Rahu. Wearing this stone can help digestion, and it whips up appetite. One can accomplish success in their ventures by wearing a stone of Hessonite garnet. It also has the power to pull down the causes for long delays in achieving things in life and fasten the journey towards success. This gemstone bestows riches, happiness and health.

Opal has a see through surface, and tinges of multiple coloures could be seen across the stone. This gemstone represents Venus and Saturn. Opal bestows power, beauty and material prosperity. The wearer of opal can experience a sense of stability in life. This gemstone is also a symbol of assurance and fidelity.

Pearls exudes an aura of softness and sheer beauty and they are worn to dispel malefic influences of moon. It also has the power to cure insomnia and helps get a better sleep at night. The stone is recommended to wear as a remedy for uterine diseases, cardiac diseases, hysteria and eye disorders. Pearls possess strong powers to boost one’s sex drive and improve marital bliss. Pearls also usher in good fortune and ensure peace of mind.

Sparkling in a lustrous green, peridot is the gemstone of planet Mercury and thus, widely used to harness its energies. Peridot improves one’s mental wellbeing by helping getting rid of depression and anger issues. It also boosts emotional strength of the wearer. This gemstone possesses healing powers for liver and digestion system related ailments. By wearing a peridot, the wearer can attract fortune and realise long awaited dreams in life.