Our Stones

Blue Sapphire

Highly sought-after for its intense aqua hue, resilience and illuminating lustre, blue sapphire remains desirable owing to its link with royalty, glamour and inner peace while it also promotes innocence and sincerity. The wearer can never go wrong with a blue sapphire if they wish to exude alluring confidence and stand out with unmatched class. Whilst flaunting its connection to romance, this deep blue gemstone doesn’t shy away from being a crowd-favourite, especially amongst newly-engaged brides. This long-lasting choice of jewellery is also considered to be a protective amulet against evil and harm while it aids you to express yourself more

Yellow Sapphires

A beautiful representation of divine grace and power, this golden colour gemstone symbolises universal love and promotes general well-being and knowledge. Yellow sapphires are associated with blissful marriages and success, which adds unparalleled value to its significance. This vibrant treasure is known to be a twin of ruby and blue sapphire, making it no less desirable than its family. Its bright crisp brilliance is its most striking feature that makes one fall for its magic.

Pink Sapphires

Carrying great power and meaning, pink sapphires are visual definitions of subtle elegance and feminine charm. One can find light pink sapphires, purplish sapphires, orangey-pink sapphires and just about every other shade in between. However, the beauty of a pink sapphire lies in its colour. Although deeper tones hold more value, one must always opt for the hue that evokes a spark within them. While symbolising loyalty and trust, they are also believed to bring good fortune and tender love.

White Sapphires

Symbolising great wisdom and clarity of mind, white sapphires radiate celestial grace and artistic expressions. They are colourless yet valuable, making them a go-to option for those who seek good luck. Typically, sapphires receive their colour from trace elements present when the stone is forming beneath the ground. And white sapphires are quite rare as they remain untouched by trace elements. This muted gemstone has a more silvery sparkle and also weighs heavier than other silvery stones. A white sapphire can be recognised by its crisp facet edges and are a much cheaper but durable alternative for diamonds.


A fascinating combination of red and yellow, a padpardscha is a fine art of nature, charming the beholders with its pastel elegance. The delicate colour of this treasured stone may also have a tint of orange or pink. This pastel beauty is also one of the rarest sapphires in being and is highly sought-after for engagement rings. The exotic padparadscha varies in colour and saturation, making each piece unique and irreplaceable. What more? Its name originates from a Sinhalese word for pink-orange toned lotus blossoms.


As a member of the quartz family, this miraculous stone is characterised by its distinctive purple colour, and is known to bring forth the purest aspirations of humankind. Highly renowned for its healing abilities, amethysts represent serenity, trust and understanding.

It is believed to strengthen relationships and gives the wearer more courage. The finest amethyst colour is a strong reddish purple or purple with no visible colour zoning.


With a rich and precious legacy tied to its treasured value, emeralds exceptionally stand out for being the rarest of the rare. Synonymous with royalty, they are an exquisite blend of quality and significant weight. Not only are they among the most expensive of gemstones, but they are also one of the four gemstones globally identified as precious. This rare beauty possesses great royal status and was known to be Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone. Despite all the regality around them, emeralds are quite delicate and don’t take pressure well, making them easy targets for damage.


This blood-red coloured gemstone can either remind you of all things pure and mystical or evoke the most intense love within you. Famed and fabled, rubies are the most desirable, thanks to their durability, hardness, lustre and rarity. Transparent rubies are rarer than diamonds and they are found in any tone between orangey-red to purplish-red. The level of chromium present in the stone also directly impacts the strength of its red. Rubies with more chromium not only have a deeper red but also causes fluorescence, adding to the colour’s intensity.


Strength, invincibility, perfection and power — diamonds have more meaning and value than one can comprehend. They hold the power to entice and captivate its beholder’s admiration in a manner that is regally fascinating. Eminent and popular for being the hardest naturally occurring substance to ever be in existence, diamonds range from colourless to black and can be transparent, translucent or opaque. While colourless or pale blue diamonds are most valued, they are also rare. A diamond can be identified with its smooth sides and rounded edges. Associated with good health and long life, diamonds resemble strength, love and health. Many power figures have made diamonds a part of their ensemble to symbolise invincibility.


This semi-precious stone is opaque in transparency and can be found in multiple colours, unlike many other precious stones. Bright, pure tones of red, blue and green are the most valued while electric, vivid green to blue shades of copper-bearing tourmaline are an exquisite class apart. Tourmaline comes in many shades and even a slight change in its composition can result in a variety of colours. While it fosters compassion and radiates energy that attracts money, healing and friendship, tourmaline is said to be a stone of reconciliation.